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• Understanding Your Lease
• Making Sense of Your Lease
• Don't Lease a Home Without It: User's Guide to Important Lease Terms
• Ten Tips Every Tenant Needs to Know
• How Secure Is Your Security Deposit?
• Eight Tips for Renting the Right Apartment
• How Much Rent is Too Much Rent?

These seven links from RealtyTimes.com News and Advice series will help make your experience finding an Austin ,
Texas apartment easier.

“Understanding Your Lease” underscores the importance of reading your Austin , Texas apartment lease thoroughly.
There is also a list of suggested things to look for on your lease.

Leases seem to be written in another language. “Making Sense of your Lease” gives a list of possibly confusing terms
and what they mean to you and your Austin , Texas apartment.

“Don't Lease a Home Without It: User's Guide to Important Lease Terms” gives easy to understand definitions of lease
terms for your Austin , Texas apartment .

“Ten Tips Every Tenant Needs to Know” is a list of tips ranging from winning over your prospective landlord to
purchasing renters' insurance to make the transition to your Austin , Texas apartment easy and stress free.

How do you make sure you get your security deposit back on your apartment when you move out? Read “How Secure Is
Your Security Deposit?” for detailed advice on how get your money back.

The right apartment for rent in Austin , Texas can be a hard find. “Eight Tips for Renting the Right Apartment” can help
you find the right Austin , Texas apartment for you.

“How Much Rent is Too Much Rent” makes suggestions on how to find out what you should be paying and if you are
paying too much.

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